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Openingrepertoire Players - Games

Games of Martin Clemente, Joel with white
Games # 44

Mart?n Clemente, Joel (82), Mart�n Clemente, Joel (46), Martin Clemente Joel (ESP) (43), Martin Clemente, Joel (ESP) (33),

14848586Mart�n Clemente, Joel (2620)Shetko, Leonid Vladimirovich (2438)CCO21/F; ICCF 2020
14864879Mart�n Clemente, Joel (2620)Ham, Stephen E. (2583)CCO21/F; ICCF 2020
14900878Mart�n Clemente, Joel (2622)Borstnik, Ales (2608)MT-Lafarga / A (ESP); ICCF 2019
10988540Mart�n Clemente, Joel (2645)Serban, Florin (2616)WC26/final; ICCF 2010
2488262Mart?n Clemente, Joel (2645)Leit?o, Rafael (2572)World Championship 26 Final; ICCF 2010990060
2492853Mart?n Clemente, Joel (2645)Povchanic, Dr. Daniel (2529)World Championship 26 Final; ICCF 2010871178
2480559Mart?n Clemente, Joel (2645)Langeveld, Ron A. H (2696)WC26/final; ICCF 2010629294
2480935Mart?n Clemente, Joel (2638)Timmerman, Gert Jan (2694)ICCF Olympiad 17 Final; ICCF 2009589317
2485468Mart?n Clemente, Joel (2638)Bubir, Sergei (2614)ICCF Olympiad 17 Final; ICCF 2009879098
8828678Mart?n Clemente, JoelSerban, Florin (2611)ICCF Olympiad 17 Final; ICCF 2009
10988285Mart�n Clemente, Joel (2638)Hertel, Peter (2641)CCO17/F; ICCF 2009
8838984Mart?n Clemente, JoelDothan, Yoav (2589)AEAC 5 Years - Alhambra; ICCF 2007
8856236Mart?n Clemente, Joel (2547)Tiemann, HagenWCCC27CT01(WS); ICCF 2007
3082271Mart?n Clemente, Joel (2600)Hoeven, David A. van der (2647)World Championship 23 Final; ICCF 2007498049
3084579Mart?n Clemente, Joel (2600)Persson, Conny (2605)World Championship 23 Final; ICCF 20071072704
3086199Mart?n Clemente, Joel (2600)Stephan, Ulrich (2579)World Championship 23 Final; ICCF 2007908880
3089896Mart?n Clemente, Joel (2600)Rydholm, Lennart (2530)World Championship 23 Final; ICCF 20071177665
3089958Mart?n Clemente, Joel (2595)Hedlund, Tony (2534)AEAC 5 Years - Alhambra; ICCF 2007
3091697Mart?n Clemente, Joel (2547)Barnsley, Anthony R (2562)WCCC27CT01(WS); ICCF 2007991665
3101616Mart?n Clemente, Joel (2595)Bocanegra Moreno, Rufino (2428)AEAC 5 Years - Alhambra; ICCF 2007
3653773Mart?n Clemente, Joel (2533)Stull, Norbert (2618)WCCC26CT02(WS); ICCF 20061217983
3658803Mart?n Clemente, Joel (2533)Latronico, Nicola (2543)WCCC26CT02(WS); ICCF 20061028999
3662164Mart?n Clemente, Joel (2533)Krueger, Hilmar (2510)WS/GMN/002; ICCF 2006
3664572Mart?n Clemente, Joel (2533)Bennborn, Jan (2488)WCCC26CT02(WS); ICCF 2006545762
3669610Mart?n Clemente, Joel (2533)Peschardt, S?ren (2450)WS/GMN/002; ICCF 2006720584
10986151Mart�n Clemente, Joel (2533)Tritt, Maciej (2572)WS/GMN/002; ICCF 2006
10986259Mart�n Clemente, Joel (2488)Cinca, Daniel (2486)WS/GMN/001; ICCF 2005
10984782Mart�n Clemente, Joel (2488)Chopin, Philippe (2518)WS/GMN/001; ICCF 2005
10984787Mart�n Clemente, Joel (2488)Gm�r, Albi (2485)WS/GMN/001; ICCF 2005
4674815Martin Clemente, Joel (2475)Santagata, Carlo (2416)corr W-28ch sf11; ICCF Email 20041192439
4744030Martin Clemente, Joel (2475)Stoeckert, Mario (2295)corr W-28ch sf11; ICCF Email 20041181881
4776553Martin Clemente, Joel (2475)Garcia Rojas, Hamlet Danilo (2258)corr W-28ch sf11; ICCF Email 2004543005
10696515Martin Clemente, JoelTrujillo Delgado, DafnaePreferente 2003
8038960Martin Clemente Joel (ESP) (2097)Sanz Cueco Francisco Javier (ESP) (2026)Ch Canarias (team); Tenerife (Spain) 2001
9436338Martin Clemente Joel (ESP) (2097)Andrades Fuentes FabianCh Canarias (team); Tenerife (Spain) 2001
7086916Martin Clemente Joel (ESP) (2097)Angel Acosta Juan Carlos (ESP) (2181)Ch Canarias (team); Tenerife (Spain) 2001514289
6674816Martin Clemente, Joel (2569)DeMauro, Joseph A (2509)Mate Postal 25 A 2000940938
11306015Martin Clemente Joel (ESP)Suarez Sedeno ManuelSpain ch-21 2000
11306016Martin Clemente Joel (ESP)Ramos Aguilar Jose ManuelSpain ch-21 2000
11306017Martin Clemente Joel (ESP)Paredes i Prats Josep (ESP)Spain ch-21 2000
11352011Martin Clemente, Joel (ESP)La Candia, Juan Miguel (ARG)Memorial Antonio Pacini - Grupo A; CXEB 1999
7150847Martin Clemente, Joel (ESP) (2561)Smithers, Steven (USA) (2467)EM/MN/014; ICCF Email 19991558764
7170901Martin Clemente, Joel (ESP) (2561)Guizar, Dr.Clemente (MEX) (2407)Memorial Antonio Pacini - Grupo A; CXEB 19991168572
7216392Martin Clemente, Joel (ESP) (2561)Halwick, Floyd (USA) (2300)EM/MN/014; ICCF Email 19991353188

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